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A modern expression of a traditional craft

Metallic and Enamel Foil Edgings

More than thirty colors, hand applied in our shop

For six centuries, fine gold leaf foil has been applied to bound and trimmed pages of treasured books and manuscripts, so that when the pages are separated, the edges of each individual sheet gleam with gold. This traditional practice of edge-gilding continues into modern times as an element of the craft of fine bookbinding and in our edged cards.

We take great pride in the quality of our edgings. Our edgings are real foil edgings—they aren't just painted on. Paints can't achieve real metallics, or equal the brilliance of our enamel foils. Foils don't bleed, as paints and inks can.

Any of our cards may be edged, from wedding invitations to calling cards, traditional weight or double thick, with rounded corners or square. Adding an edging to a card creates a color accent that is both striking and subtle. It's a great way to bring in a color that will be woven throughout the design of your wedding.