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Notecard Set

Hand-written notes carry a personal message with a thoughtfulness that is especially welcome in this age of telephones and computers.

An elegant note is a gift in itself, and a gift package of notes by Julie Holcomb Printers is an expression of warm regard as it is a reflection of your appreciation of beautiful things.

Our notes are foil-edged by hand or letterpress-printed on a heavy, richly textured 100% rag paper, custom-made exclusively for us. Six flat cards and six envelopes lift with a ribbon pull from our elegant slipcase gift package. Any type of pen will write easily on our cards.

The beauty of our unique Foil-Edged Cards is at once understated and striking. A glint of gold, metallic magenta or flash of electric green is an elegant contrast to the natural felt texture of our creamy 100% rag paper. Hand-applied in the tradition of edge-gilded books, our foil-edged cards are offered in metallic gold, silver, copper, mint, teal, cobalt, purple and magenta as well as gloss enamel rose, sky, lime, and orange.

Alphabet Initial Cards are classics of personal stationery. Our contemporary initials are created from Mazarin, an original typeface by New York type designer Jonathan Hoefler. Our letterpress printing of this timeless design creates a particularly striking effect: the black circular background is pressed deep into the paper, leaving the white initial raised as if embossed.

You can express even more of your personal interests and taste by your selection of cards letterpress-printed with images from the Universe series (Earth, Sun, Saturn, DNA), Nature series (Fish, Flower, Frog, Goose, Dolphin, Maple Leaf, Fern Leaf, Oak Leaf), Technology series (Mobius Strip, Pocket Watch, Drawing Compass, Magnetic Compass), and Entertaining series (Cocktails, Cake, Dinner, Gift) created by Julie Holcomb Printers.

Retailers may direct inquiries to info@julieholcombprinters.com

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